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NEWS - the best Gothic dating site!

The Surprising Success Of Gothic Dating Sites
by M. Schutter
Is the surprising success of gothic dating sites really all that surprising? It is a proven fact that you should be immersed inside the subculture to find out the appeal of another so-called "gloomy goth". There are a lot of teens and adults who are attracted to each other.

With the many online dating sites it can be hard to select the very best one. The purpose of visiting these sites is to meet other like-minded people. Gothics seek like-minded people just like everyone else. A chatroom could be attached to a gothic / gothic clothing website.

You will see profiles of others who wish for some gothic romance. There are groups cultivating gothic friendships. They even have on-line activities on some of the dating sites. One of them gives dating tips, including how to meet up securely and deal with a problem if it comes up.

You will see some who are hooked on vampires and some who are only wannabees. Some of the screen names might be 'darkngloomy23' or 'downwithlight88'. Who would wish to go through the gothic life style alone? It would be frightening enough with somebody.

One gothic's search for another gothic is intended for the purpose of finding a soulmate. But, that person must be dark. Goths aren't required to be evil or into Satanic worship. The gothic lifestyle can involve Satanic cults but not in all cases.

There isn't any specific rule that gothics cannot worship a God. Not many do though. They may be too busy focusing on the dark and sad side of life. They cultivate those types of moods that other people go to therapists to rid themselves of.

The color black is mandatory. Dark gothic clothing of other colors, like purple and red, are also appropriate for gothics to be dressed in. Black nail polish, or black hair or makeup are suggested as decorative accents to an outfit.

Make-up the color of chalk will make you seem like a corpse. It wasn't until recently that blond hair was good enough. Now though, either pitch black, dyed, or blond are worn.

Another division of gothic subculture is the vampires. They favor dark red clothes, representing the blood they love to drink. Like the other sub groups, they've got their own favorite make-up, drawing streaks of blood from their mouth for example.

The gothic clothing / gothic dating web sites are a great place for goth freaks to meet other gothic freaks. This is NOT an insulting word. Gothics like to be named as freaks. They can go to a dating site and find another person just like themselves.

Go forth and look for for another gothic, a single one preferably. Get piercings in your nose, your lip or various other places. You are going to be ready for a gothic soulmate. It really is not unusual to find the surprising success of Gothic dating sites because other dating sites of all types are extremely popular these days. Find someone else easily.
Our favourite, 100% FREE friend-recommended (success stories galore!) UK/International gothic dating/friend finding website is 'Gothic Match'. Click on the banner below to check them out: - the best Gothic dating site!

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